We proudly present: Our first charity concert!

Dufay - Tallis and the art of tidying:
Former members of The Hilliard Ensemble give charity concert in support of  Music for Open Ears

David James | countertenor
John Potter | tenor
Rogers Covey-Crump | tenor
Steven Harrold | tenor
Gordon Jones | baritone

5th October 2016 | 7pm | St Paul’s Church, Bedford Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 9ED

Tickets £20 (including one cd + one drink) available in advance from https://www.wegottickets.com/event/362390  , phone enquiries may be made to 0759 0657 025

The concert programme will feature pieces released on cds from ECM,  EMI, and Hilliard LIVE.

All proceeds are in aid of the music education initiative ‘music for open ears’. www.musicforopenears.org

After retiring at the end of 2014, the former members of The Hilliard Ensemble (one of the world’s foremost male a cappella ensembles) have had time to tidy up their shelves, lofts and drawers and discovered a number of unsold cd-treasures. Realising that they don’t really need to keep multiple copies of their own cds and not wanting just to sell them they have kindly offered to donate their hidden stocks as part of a fundraising concert to support the charity ‘Music for Open Ears’. Music for Open Ears gives children of primary school age the opportunity to develop their active listening skills and fosters a love for classical music. Supporting the spirit behind Music for Open Ears – that the most exciting music is performed live – five members, David James, John Potter, Rogers Covey-Crump, Steven Harrold and Gordon Jones, will perform a selection of pieces from the cds to be sold at the concert. The one hour concert will include works such as Viderunt omnes by Perotin and the first part of Tallis’ Lamentations and  will be followed by a reception and the opportunity to purchase cds.

For more information please contact: Mirjam James musicforopenears@gmail.com or 0759 0657 025