Music and Science

Is there a better way to demonstrate how sounds are created than by using real musical instruments?  We use live music performance to explore vibration, soundwaves and resonance. And while children learn how sound is produced using instruments, they also train their listening and concentration skills. Joining in with the musician’s concert performance at the end is just another bonus.

How it works:

For our workshops we bring professional young music ensembles into your school.
Our facilitator engages children in age related activities that link children’s scientific understanding to the music played by the musicians. During the workshop we will demonstrate the science using real instruments, consolidating the children’s understanding by making a model instrument out of everyday materials.
For the best results, sessions should be held in your school hall rather than in individual classrooms. Sessions are for groups not larger than 30 children.

»The children HAD to make more shoebox violins as soon as they got home & talked about vibration + resonance«
Randalsham Primary School